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SolarBeat, an interactive audio-visual tool that translates the orbital frequencies of our solar system into an ambient soundscape. 

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An old family friend, a friendly 50 year old woman, would often come home to watch a live cricket match on our 10 year old Onida television. ”Turn up the volume!” she would say. “More. Even more. I can’t feel the crowd roaring”.
Sound in sports go far beyond background commentary and crowd cheers. It is an orchestration of sounds from a playing field, sampled and produced, to bring the atmosphere of live sport events into our homes. Check out this brilliant podcast on sound production in sports, a specialty that never occurred to me until now.  
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A Karnatic Music Primer

Here is a great resource if you are looking to explore the basics of carnatic music : A Karnatic Music Primer

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Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

This booklet is aimed at music lovers everywhere who wish to learn a little bit about the basic theory of Carnatic music.  There are a large number of books on many aspects of Carnatic music but I have found most of them to be of an advanced nature - they have lots of good information but it is extremely difficult for a novice to start learning about music using them.  Once the basics are mastered, these books provide enormous scope for intellectual enrichment.  This opinion is shared by many of my music loving friends as evi­denced by their expressing a need for a simple booklet such as this one.  The primary motivation in producing this booklet was to put together the basics in one place so that a beginner can get started off easily.  Except for the section on Grahabedam and Symmetries, there is very little new material contained herein.  The following books have been consulted to obtain much of the material and interested readers are encouraged to further their knowledge by reading them…

P. Sriram

Atlanta, U.S.A.

February 1989.


"Music has always been a conversation between human beings but the keyboards that Jordan Rudess plays today exist because Mozart and Beethoven demanded more from their instruments"

This video is a great conversation starter on the dance between technology and music. 

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"Everything we call character is the deviation from perfection. So perfection, for me, is characterless-ness."  

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A basic infographic on the way an acoustic guitar works. Click here for a slightly more interactive version. via jacobhernandez

Week1 assignment done for Coursera’s Introduction to Music Production course by Berklee School of Music. 

Some improvisation on the Ukulele based on all the Indian Carnatic music I have been listening to recently.

Watch Pasquel D’Silva talk about Elepath’s creation, Keezy. And here are a few musicians tinkering with this colourful music tool. 

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How Did Famous Creative People Spend Their Days?

Creative Routines by RJ Andrews  

I love this.

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